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7 Days Until Election Day And The Chicago Black Community Has A Message For Obama

Today during my daily rounds of checking up on news sites and blogs, I found a very interesting video that, to me, is a breathe of fresh air. It made me rethink the stronghold the Obama administration, and even more so, the Democratic machine has had on the inner city black community for decades now.The video shows a group of inner city, black Chicagoans coming out and finally saying what they really feel about our president, and more importantly, the Democratic party as a whole.

While President Obama is out fighting thefictitious, left-driven;war on women,; he seems to have forgot about the group that he “fought so hard for” as a community  organizer, state and U.S. senator. The black community has taken the back seat from day one Obama took office. As 96 percent of black people voted for Obama in 2008, I don't see that number changing much. But what I do think we are seeing now is the beginning of the black community's break from the Democratic party. Maybe not this election, and maybe not the next, but I believe slowly we will see the connection between the left and blacks dwindle.

Every one of these people in this video could not have said it any better and makes some of the best points I've ever heard about the Democrat controlled cities. They are very brave to stand up in their community with such conflicting opinion. Paul McKinley made the perfect point that Chicago has no Tea Party or even Republican leaders, therefor, how can the Democrats say that the Republicans are in control of them and are the ones that are keeping them from reaching their full potential? Rashidah Ali explains that government is not the force behind job creation. Obama and any other politician in Chicago does not create anything except more power for themselves.

Jean Ray makes one of the best points stating They(Democrats) website feel that they can just take us for granted and that we are just going to vote democratic anyway.” She then goes on to say “but if there was a Republican who was out here doing what I feel like he should be doing, I would vote for him. The problem is the lack of Republicans to vote for. Chicago has had a Democratic stronghold for nearly four decades. It seems as though Obama used the black community to get elected in 2008 by filling them up with empty promises of hope and change. Yet, this election, he is just assuming they are all on board again. He puts them on the back burner to focuses on his new group that is going to get him elected, women. Obama has a funny way of showing;unity, as he promised in 2008, by pinning people against each other to win an election.

Another women in the community, Vetress Boyce, produit pour faire pousser les cils, explains that no matter what the politicians promise, nothing changes. To me that explains the last four years perfect, a bunch of empty promises, but in the end, the politicians are only in it for themselves. She also makes another great point saying & In a lot of cases their interest is not in the community, and in a lot of cases, some of them don't even live in the community. The best example of that is Sandi Jackson. Many may also know her as wife of U.S. representative Jesse Jackson Jr. She is a Chicago City Council member, as an alderman of the 7th ward. The Jacksons do have a home in Chicago, but both of them spend most of their time in Washington D.C. so while Sandi is making decisions on the 7th ward of Chicago, she is 700 miles away in our nations capital. If you don't think that is out of touch, then I don’t know what is.

This video has given me more hope than an empty Obama slogan has ever given an uninformed voter. It shows me that the black community is not falling for the same old tricks. They are starting to realize that they are being used as a pawn in Obama’s game and they are not taking it sitting down. They want jobs, not food stamps. They want to support themselves, not have the government control their everyday lives. They are realizing cities such as Chicago and Detroit are the way they are because of the Democratic Machine that has had its grip on them for the last 40-50 years. Their policies don't work and they never have, and they are the same policies that Obama is trying to implement on a national level. I will end this post with this, which I think says it best.Have you ever been to the Communities that President Obama has & organized Working in Chicago a lot, I have, and It is not a place where I would want to live. People in the inner cities, black or white, deserve better.

First Post: An Open Letter To All The Young Voters

The 2008 young voter: the most influential voter group in the election, yet, also the most uninformed.

Being a young voter myself, I saw how easily our generation was swayed by President's talk of hope and change and I understand why most young voters were. We saw a debt piling up in our name, two wars and our economy heading in the wrong direction. At the same time we had a senator, who most of  us didn’t really know, promising us transparency, an end to the wars and an end to our growing debt.  While most people my age were falling for it, I saw through it all. I was increasingly having to defend my ideas and opinions to every Obama supporter who took offense to me not willing to “give him a shot.”

I remember the night of the election like it was yesterday. I had just turned nineteen a few days earlier and It was my first election. Although it was exciting to participate in my first election, I was not excited to have to chose between the two candidates. On one hand you have a big government Republican, on the other hand you had a bigger government Democrat. It was even less exciting to sit and watch the guy you voted for, but didn’t even like, lose to the guy you knew would be the biggest nightmare to an already struggling America. I remember sitting there in my living room with my parents as the news came in that Barack Obama would be our new president.  I remember thinking “How are we going to survive four years of a big government progressive.” Well, we survived the last four years, but who knows if he gets elected again.

The 2008 election has been four years past and a lot has changes since then. We are about $6 trillion more in debt as a nation, we witnessed an uprising in the middle eastand northern Africa beyond&anybodyprediction and the economy is still continuing to take a nose-dive.  How did we get here in four short years?

Well for starters, we spent a lot of money we didn’t have. It’s money that they spent but we, the younger generation, will have to pay it off. President Obama spent more than 6 trillion dollars in four years, at a much more rapid spending rate than George Bush. But he was elected because he said spending money that we didn’t have, at that rate, was unpatriotic.

The other point to make about this clip is that if we were borrowing the money for these wars and President Obama says we need to take the money we are spending on wars and use it to rebuildinfrastructure, then we are still spending the same amount and we are still going into the same amount of debt, which means it’s still unpatriotic. Debt is debt, no matter what they spend the borrowed money on, we are still footing the bill.

I hear young people all the time say the same thing. “Obama is just cleaning up after George Bush.” To that I usually respond with &;cleaning up after him by doing the same thing he did? Fix the debt by adding more to it

No matter what side you’re on or who you agree with, the most important issue to any young person this election is finding a good job, especially if you spent thousands of dollars on college. Both Romney and Obama have two different ideas on how jobs can be created but only one actually works. Only one of them has actually created jobs in his career and that person is Romney. He knows how business and jobs work. President Obama has tried to make his plan work for four years and unemployment is the exact same, if not worse than it was when he took office.

If you look at President Obama’s plan to create jobs it is not that hard to understand why it doesn’t work. ;He thinks he can create job by injecting stimulus money into the economy to get things going again. But anyone can tell you once that money is gone, so are those jobs, and we can't keep spending money like this forever. Romney knows the only thing the government needs to do to create jobs is get out of the way by cutting taxes and regulations. It's just a plain fact. The less you tax a business, the more they have to spend on employees. Therefor, If you are having trouble finding a job, thank President Obama for taxing your would-be employer out of giving it to you.

Obama and his supporters will always mention the untrue statement that Romney “was a pioneer in outsourcing, but he will never mention that it;s his talk about taxing the richtightening regulations ; that is making these business owners want tooutsource jobs. Sometimes, it's the onlthing the business can do to stay afloat.

The lack of knowledge when it comes to jobs on President Obama’s part made itself very apparent to me during the first question of thetown-hall debate. The candidates were asked by a undecided young voter ;How can you reassure me that I will be able to support myself after I graduate? first reaction was to talk about manufacturing jobs. Now I don't know about you, but I don't know a single person going to college who plans on graduating and then working a manufacturing job. It shows how much little thought and effort he puts into issues such as jobs and the economy.

So after four years of an unstable economy, mass amounts of spending that we are going to have to pay off, and more problems in the middle east than we can handle, can we really afford to give Obama another shot? Looking at both candidates, what you think of them personally aside, who would you trust as your leader? Someone who was successful at making jobs and running an efficient business, or someone who demonizes the job makers.

Do you remember President Obama’s proposition?

He said that only months into his presidency.  Has anything gotten any better? Yet, after saying that, he still never takes responsibility for anything. He blames the economy on Bush, Europe and ATM machines. He blames gas prices on the Arab spring and blames the consulate attack in Libya on a youtube video. Yet, he takes full responsibly for the killing of Osama bin Laden. If the Bin Laden raid went any differently or was unsuccessful, there is no doubt Obama would just find someone to blame it on, like with everything else.

We can not do what we did in 2008. This election can not be a popularity contest. We can not choose our leader depending on if he's made an appearance on the daily show or if he is a good singer or if he can come up with a catchy one word slogan like hope, change or forward. We need a leader, but one who understands his place and who puts his country above himself. Whatever happened to the promise to be the transparent president? Did that just disappear after he was elected? After fast and furious, the consulate attack in Libya and Solyndra it seems as though he is the least transparent president we've ever had. Even President Obama admits himself, He can’t change Washington from the inside. So why is he running again? If he believes he can do more from the outside, then he should do that, and we should help him by voting him out of office.

So I beg you, young voters, please look at the facts and substance, not the style or emotion of the candidates. Make a real,& informed, intelligent decision. Don't let the people on MSNBC tell you that you are racist if you don't vote. Don't let your friends talk you into voting for Obama because just a cool guy and he is going to change things. Stop listening to the media talking points and do your homework on all the subjects. Read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers. Read into what policies work and what policies won't and draw your own conclusions. And most importantly, know your history! That is the only way you can be an informed voter. We need to turn the 2008 young voter into the most informed voter in 2012. The same people who put President Obama in office, need to be the ones to take him out of office.

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